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We believe it is our role as owners and riders to develop a common language with our horses, to listen to each horse as an individual, training every step through positivity and understanding.

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About Hackett Equine

Hackett Equine is an equestrian training facility, established in 2015. It is owned and run by Miriam Hackett (Miri) and her knowledgeable team, supporting horses and riders to achieve their aims as they progress on their own unique journeys.

Alongside gaining her UKCC Level 3 Miri has a wealth of knowledge and experience having worked within the equestrian industry for 16 years, thus enabling her to coach, mentor and train horses and riders no matter what their chosen direction or discipline may be.

Originally from a show jumping background, Miri has developed a step-by-step approach to training horses. She believes that every horse has a different rate of learning, and therefore there is a need to understand each horse’s individual path – ”you can’t train every horse from the same textbook’.

Online Training Academy

Gain exclusive access to a huge library of instructional videos and podcasts, providing step-by-step guidance on ground work, ridden work, problem-solving, relationship building and improving your horse’s wellbeing. 

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Remote Sessions

For a more personalised service, Miri’s online consultations on remote sessions provide a supportive space for addressing concerns and receiving tailored advice.  To receive expert guidance no matter where you are; opt for an online lesson with Miri, who will guide you through either ground work or ridden work. 

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