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Miri has taken him from strength to strength he has had too many winnings to name them all.

Miri has ridden my horse Obi for the last 4 years. We came across each by chance and after watching her schooling other people’s horses I thought I would offer her the ride on Obi. Obi is a very precious horse to me and extremely sensitive to situations and definitely not a horse to be ridden by many people. His first career as a Show horse went very well and he went to Hoys but it was Miri who opened my eyes to other disciplines such as Show jumping and Dressage having never been affiliated in either.

Michele & Obi

I would 100% recommend Hackett Equine for backing and bringing on a young horse.

When I sent my pony Bailey to Miri to be backed, I was kept updated with progress via messages, calls and videos so I felt really involved despite not being physically present at the beginning. Bailey was looked after immaculately. His training was done in a relaxed, gentle way.

Emilie & Bailey
Becks Vieyra
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"I have been sending my horses to and having coaching sessions with Miri for around 5 years. It's hard to put into words just how important she is in mine and my ponies lives. She is truly a wonderful human being and the first person I go to whenever I have a wobble with my horses, and when I have a good day, however small she is always there to celebrate every achievement.

She looks at the whole horse, inside and out and will never give you a one size fits all approach, and her knowledge and passion to constantly learn is inspirational. The groundwork patterns I have learn have completely change the relationship I have with my horses, allowing them to find peace in their bodies in new situations is an incredible thing to be able to do.

Recently my gelding was very upset with a hedge being trimmed behind his stable. I would of previously been worried to take him out of his stable to calmed down, but with the knowledge both of us have, I was able to calmed him down quickly and he was able to return to his stable in a much better mental and physical state. She empowers me in lessons. As someone who has had chronic back problems and back surgery, I have only ever felt safe, listened to and cared for in lessons. I feel so grateful that I am able to be coached by Miri and my pony loves his mini breaks at her yard, where his every need is taken care of by Miri and the team. She is a very special person and someone I hope to have in my life for many years to come."
Richard and Nadine
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"Kisper had some associated behavioural fears from earlier experiences of being backed and because of this Miri treated him as if he had not been backed and started his journey from the absolute beginning again... After a flying kite start Miri continued with her unique groundwork methods to encourage trust and confidence... The groundwork was fascinating to watch and on our regular visits it was amazing to see things progressing so well... Miri's groundwork foundations led to sitting on and then ridden work which has also been amazing to be part of...

Miri from the outset made it clear that every horse is different, every horse progresses at their own pace and this is a key and unique element to her training methods.... Not the one box fits all approach that is often what happens in the backing and starting process... The progress Kisper has made in the time he has been with Miri has set him up for his future life and career as a para dressage horse. It has encouraged him to be confident in himself, a key factor in Miri's training. The care and attention Kisper has received from Miri and her lovely team has been second to none and Miri has been incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in every aspect of his wellbeing.

It has been an amazing and often emotional journey but we are so happy and grateful that he has been given this opportunity. Miri will continue to be an integral part of his development and we cannot recommend her or thank her enough!"

Miri was recommended to me as somebody who can work with complicated horses, however I believe her talents extend far beyond this.

Boots was not a happy horse, despite almost a year of investigation and various treatments he was not flourishing. I was feeling very alone and was getting to the end of my tether as I just didn’t know what else to do to try to help him. Miri was recommended to me as somebody who can work with complicated horses, however I believe her talents extend far beyond this.

Helen & Boots

I joined Patreon and reached out to Miri to ask for her support via Zoom lessons. It is hands down the best thing I have ever done for my horse.

My story starts three years ago when I bought a young welsh section D who had recently been gelded and who didn’t trust anyone or anything. Gavin was a lot more than I bargained for and I spent two years working with him and admittedly making improvements, but always battling his extreme tension. I reached out to Miri and it is hands down the best thing I have ever done for my horse.

Hannah & Gavin