Martin Fox W.W.A.E.D

Martin’s years of working with horses enables him to be not only a wonderful horseman helping even the most nervous of horses with having their teeth rasped but to have a greater understanding of what the horses teeth mean to their ridden work. Often Martin is able to tell us the exact feeling we have been having in the ridden work and then work to solve it.

Thorston Feddern MRCVS

Thorston has treated and cared for Miri’s horses and those of her owners for many years. He aligns with Hackett Equines approach of treating the whole horse, and making sure every horse is looked at as an individual.
Bellow Hill Veterinary Practice

What People Say

My mare has completely changed her behavior. Thank you!

“I’m Lisa from Belgium. I just wanted to send you this message to thank you and show my gratitude. It’s been three weeks since I started following you on your Patreon page. I started right away with the groundwork exercises and the patterns. My mare has completely changed her behavior. I was so proud of her and so grateful to you. She showed me today how she wants to take on the world, how secure she’s become. Thank you so much for your help and time! Please continue to help us and especially our horses!